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Here are a few of the many types of surety bond and fidelity bond products offered by Penn Western Bonding:

Business Service Bonds

The typical Employee Dishonesty bond only protects the employer against its direct financial loss due to the dishonest acts of its employees.  On the other hand, Business Service bonds, sometimes referred to as "Third Party" Employee Dishonesty bonds, will protect the employer's customers against financial los due to the dishonest acts of one or more of the firm's employees against the customer.  This bond is ideal for any firm whose employees will work at a customer's premises, such as janitorial firms, home repair firms, security firms or delivery firms.  Premiums for these bonds can be charged either annually or on a 3-year prepaid basis, and the premium for a Business Services Bond is determined by the type of industry involved, the number of employees being bonded, and the safeguards used to deter dishonest acts of the firm's employees against the firm's customers.

License and Permit Bonds

A variety of surety bonds are required by the U.S. government and by state and local governments for the issuance of licenses or permits.  Examples of surety bonds that are pledged for licenses include notary bonds, contractor license bonds, sales tax bonds and motor vehicle dealer bonds.  Examples of surety bonds that are pledged for permits include street opening bonds, overweight / oversize load road bonds, highway occupancy bonds, and mining permit bonds.  License and Permit bonds are easily provided as long as the bonding company has a clear understanding of how the bond guarantees the obligations of the bonded party under the requirements of the specific license or permit being issued.